Sconce Assembly Details

My 13 year old son had a 7am meet up with a friend to go surfing today (yes, he has a charmed life).  Luckily his friend’s parents offered to take the boys to the beach.  The upshot is I was up, showered, dressed and caffeinated by 6:45, so I got an early start in the shop.

I made a bracket from 18 gauge steel to hold the lamp socket and to tie the sconce body to the lid.  No big deal, although I bent the wrong ends on the brake the first time.  I probably should have had one more cuppa.  Anyway, revision 2 went well.  I have holes in the tabs to screw into the top rails on the sconce body, and holes in the other part that line up with the hanging brackets I glued to the lid so I can screw that on.  I think I’ll make some sort of decorative nut to go on top of the lid too, to thread onto the threaded stem from the lamp socket.

I’d intended to inlay some strips of oak in the grooves I plowed in the bottom rails, but I wasn’t happy with how that was going.  Instead I sheared some strips of .065″ thick copper sheet and inlaid those so they are about about .030″ above the surface of the rail.  I think that’s going to work out nicely. 

The ebony bars are glues on, the inlay is glued in and I’m having lunch waiting for everything to dry.  I’ll clean up the shop and start on the glass patterns next.

Support Bracket for Top & Socket

Support Bracket for Top & Socket

Bracket in Place in Sconce

Bracket in Place in Sconce

Copper Strips Inlayed

Copper Strips Inlayed



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