Sconce Interrupted

I sketched out the patterns for the glass for the sconce yesterday.  I’ll probably fiddle with them a little, looking back at the photos and making some tweaks, but they are reasonable close to the originals.  The front and back panels have two slight s-curves that sweep from the wider cloud lift in the lower rail to the narrower cloud lift in the top rail.  These are overlaid with a crawling vine and berries.

Unfortunately I don’t have the glass I want to use for this.  I used a medium amber translucent textured glass for the “Blacker Sconces”, which looked nice although it wasn’t the original material.  I didn’t have enough of that left to do this one.  I thought about using some dark amber that I have, but it just didn’t look right.  So I’m going to have to order some more glass before I can proceed.  I’m going to get some medium amber translucent iridized, which has a metallic coating that gives it a rainbow effect.  To my eye it looks like the entire design in the original was rendered in this material, using slightly different sections where the coating has a different cast for the berries.  In some pictures it looks like the cut out in the top rail has a piece of green glass behind it — so I’ll have to experiment and see what looks good.  It possible that the original glass colors have faded or muddied slightly after 100 years too, so I’m not opposed to using something slightly brighter.

So I put away my tools and swept up the shop in preparation for a week of work, I’m really looking forward to the glass arriving and getting back to work. on this project.

I’m still on the fence about the finish.  The original has a decidedly brown tone, and I have some medium brown dye that is pretty close.  I may use that on it, I’m just concerned about darkening it too much and obscuring the grain.  I’ll have to look at my finish samples again before I decide.

Pattern for front & Back

Pattern for front & Back

Spectrum Pale Amber & White Transparent Iridized

Spectrum Pale Amber & White Transparent Iridized


Sketch for layout of stained glass for the sides

Sketch for layout of stained glass for the sides


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