Sconce, Delayed

So I’ve been building up coats of finish on the inglenook sconce, biding my time while waiting for the special glass I ordered to arrive.  UPS still says “by end of day today”, but it’s also showing that it’s still in San Pablo, CA.  I don’t think it’s going to make it today.  Rats, I hate getting delayed.  I was sure I’d be finishing the sconce off this weekend.

Sconce With Finish

Sconce With Finish

So, what to do?

I could paint the hallway where the sconce is going to go, god knows it needs a freshening up.  That means a trip to Home Despot in weekend beach traffic.  Ugh.

Mmmm, Paint?

Mmmm, Paint?

I could start another sconce, maybe a second on of these Inglenook sconces.  But I don’t have enough Mahogany to make the whole think, and I don’t need a second one.  They’re cute though.

Make a Second Sconce?

Make a Second Sconce?

I could make a storage cabinet for the shop, I’ve been wanting a place to put my finishing supplies and sandpaper.  I may have enough plywood to make the main part of this, but not the sandpaper shelves.  Another trip to the hardware store in weekend beach traffic.

Finishing Supplies Cabinet

Finishing Supplies Cabinet

I could spend some time refining the design for the front gate I want to make.  Any time here would be an improvement…  I should spend some time on this anyway, I want to build this sooner rather than later.

Rough (!) Sketch for the Front Gate

Rough (!) Sketch for the Front Gate

I won’t even list the other projects that I have in mind.  Too many to think about, but most of these require that I do some design work or go purchase materials first.  I could also clean up the metalworking shop and make something there.  A new kitchen knife?



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2 thoughts on “Sconce, Delayed

  1. That sconce, even without the glass, looks very good. If it doesn’t fit in the hallway I can find a spot for it on my porch.

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