Finishing Supplies Cabinet

So I had some spare time on my hands today since the glass for my sconce didn’t arrive yesterday.  Since I also had some left over plywood I decided to make a cabinet to store my finishing supplies.  I’ve noticed that they don’t have a proper home in my wood shop, and I’ve been toting them back and forth from the other shop where I have a place that I store solvents and what not.  Not an ideal situation.

So my “vision” for this, quickly drawn up in sketch up, was a simple cabinet with shelves sized for gallon flat cans, quart flat cans and regular quart cans – as well as some dedicated storage for 9 x 11 sheet sandpaper.

Finishing supplies cabinet in sketchup

Finishing supplies cabinet in sketch up

I picked through my plywood this morning and decided I had enough leftovers to make this pretty much as I designed it.  I cut all the part to size, set up my dado blade and went to town.  I only put one dado in the wrong spot, and I don’t think it will show in the finished project.  The door is just a flat sheet of 3/4″ ply, in the morning I’ll cut the door, sand the outside and brush on a coat of shellac.  I should be able to finish this off in a couple of hours.  Its not a thing of beauty, but it will help keep the shop organized.

I need a place to drill bits, router bits and power hand tools (router, drill, sander, etc).  Not enough plywood left to make another cabinet, so that will have to wait.

Glued Up

Glued Up


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2 thoughts on “Finishing Supplies Cabinet

  1. Hi Joe,
    Have you ever had a chance to compare the Jorgensen clamps to the Bessey’s?
    On the cabinet – is there a door coming?

  2. There will be a door, but it’s just a flat plywood affair, nothing crazy.

    I can say that the Bessey pipe clamps are MUCH nicer than the Jorgensen pipe clamps. They work smoother, have rubber pads and built in “feet” to support them. I haven’t compared the case clamps, the ones I have (in the picture) are Jorgensen and they seem to work OK.

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