Front Glass for the Inglenook Sconce Done

I just  soldered the front glass for the Inglenook sconce, I think it’s OK.  I was concerned about whether the glass itself was OK, and I was worried about how the overall effect would be.  I think it works.  There are a few mistakes, but nothing horrible.

I put wider foil along the edges where the “vine” was, so that I could have a wider solder bead there.  I also trimmed the foil to have a wavy edge, to try to give it more of an organic feel.  Like, well, a vine.  There are a couple of areas where the line of the vine isn’t smooth enough as it winds around the vertical “hourglass” bars.  I’ll have to watch for that in the future.

Foil applied

Foil applied

Here is the finished piece, soldered, cleaned, with a patina applied.  I also textured the solder seams that represent the vines to help them stand out from the rest of the design.



And here it is mocked up in the sconce.  I need to go make the two side panels now…

Mock Up


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2 thoughts on “Front Glass for the Inglenook Sconce Done

  1. Wow! I really like that. And it went together so fast!

  2. Jose Santiago


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