Back to work designing the front gate

Work and family continue to be nuts, and that’s enough about that — other than to justify why almost nothing has happened in the shop the past two weeks.

The ancient laptop I use for my CAD software was on it’s last leg, so I spent the morning setting up a new (ish) computer to run SolidWorks, and installed the latest version that my license allowed.  It was totally worth the effort, high rez renders complete in less than a minute (as opposed to medium res renders on the old machine that took 40 minutes if it didn’t overheat and shut down).

I re-worked the Arts & Crafts style street number I had designed previously.  I changed the font, changed the horizontal bars that hold the numbers, changed the shape of the border, and added rivets around the periphery.  I also laid it out so that the whole part could be laser cut, with tabs for the sides.  I can bend that on my brake.  I just emailed it off for a quote to have it cut from 16 gauge copper.

Final Design for Street Number

Final Design for Street Number

The main part of the assembly will be a sandwhich of the copper exterior, the glass panels, and a steel backer to hold the glass in place.  There will be a bracket that mounts to the wall, which will hold two small 12 volt lamps, and this assembly will attach to the wall bracket.

Exploded View

Exploded View

Next I need to work out the final design for the two metal lanterns.  I will probably tweak the gate a little, and I have to design the hinge supports still.

I’ve been a good boy this year, I’m hoping Santa brings me a hollow chisel mortiser for Christmas.

Updated gate model with new number plaque

Updated gate model with new number plaque



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One thought on “Back to work designing the front gate

  1. Good luck with all your metal work. Santa probably has some mortisers laying around his workshop. I sent Santa my wish list just yesterday. 🙂

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