A Little More CAD Work

I spent some time adjusting the size and proportions on the lanterns for my gate project, I think I’m close with this version.  It doesn’t have all of the details because it’s just a mock up to get the overall feel right, I’ll model it as I’d build it next and add in most of the details as I do that.  The main glass panels will probably have an abstract/cloud design in them similar to some of the interior lamps from the Culbertson house.

Gate Lamp Mockup

Gate Lamp Mockup

I got a quote back for laser cutting the street number — it was about three times what I’d expected.  I’ll have to shop it around I guess.  Worst case I’ll have to rent time at the local “Tech Shop” and do it myself on their laser cutter.  By the time I made all of the parts for the lights and gate hinges laid out I’ll have a lot of laser cutting to have done — so I’d rather not do it that way.

Gate Mockup With Lamp

Gate Mockup With Lamp


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4 thoughts on “A Little More CAD Work

  1. I’m looking forward to watching this one. The lanterns look great.

  2. Jeremy

    Laser cutting copper is tough because it is so reflective. Maybe that’s why the price was so high? Maybe find a shopnwho has a waterjet. There is a place here in western NY called custom laser inc who has both. Customlaserinc.com, they may be able to give you a good price.

    The lanterns are gonne be cool.

    • The shop has laser and water jets – I asked why the price was so high and they said it was the cost of the copper plus engineering time to “remove the splines”. I’ve run into this before, laser and water jet machines apparently can’t follow a spline path and need everything converted to polylines. That is just one more mouse click for me, so I sent them an updated drawing and told them I’d supply the copper as I have some sheet on hand already. I was expecting around $100 at the most to cut these two parts, the original quote was about three times that.

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