Too Many Ideas

I’m working through the design details for the copper lanterns for my driveway gate project, and working on getting some better quotes for having the parts for the street number and lanterns laser or water-jet cut.  That’s going to take a week or two to sort out.  If I was making a bunch of these I could get a lot better price for each one — that’s part of how I ended up starting a business to manufacture chopper parts.  Let’s not go there.

Meanwhile I’m working on a scaled-up version of a tray for holding jigsaw puzzles that has two drawers to hold the parts.  It was in a recent woodworking magazine and a requires from SWMBO for Christmas.   Every time I have to cut something on my tablesaw I’m reminded that I need an outfeed table for it.  So last night I doodles out some dimensions.

Since my shop is smallish I need to make sure I make the best use of space I can.  And since my table saw has a big sliding table I only need outfeed support next to the sliding extension.  About two feet wide, running parallel to the sliding table.  I want it to be able to store my extra blades and saw accessories, and I want it to be mobile so it can do double duty as an assembly table.  I’d like it to be a bit wider for that purpose, but space is tight.

My current thinking is that this will be built similarly to a kitchen base cabinet out of 3/4″ plywood, with banks of drawers on one face.  Maybe I can build some clamp storage into the back side too.  Here is my current 2D mockup, I think it’s enough to start building it.

Outfeed Cart, 2D Mockup

Outfeed Cart, 2D Mockup

Unfortunately when I start adding up the materials to make it it gets expensive quickly.  I figure at least 3 sheets of 18mm baltic birch ply (5′ square).  It might be 4 sheets by time I add in the drawer fronts, at $45 a sheet.  Plus a sheet or two of 1/2″ plywood for the drawer bodies, and 11 drawer slides at about $15 each.

Good grief, maybe I can do something with cinder blocks and an old door.

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3 thoughts on “Too Many Ideas

  1. How would you put wheels on the cinder blocks?

  2. José Santiago

    Hi Joe
    You might try looking at used cabinets at salvage yards. These would give you a carcass with drawers. Then all you need is the base and top. Casters can be added as well. Retro fitting special sized draws can be done later. Sounds like you have your hands full. I’m looking forward to seeing the doors. Happy Thanksgiving.

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