CAD Lantern

I re-modeled the lantern design I want to use for my driveway gate project last night.  The original model was just to simple solid — a cube sitting on a cube with a domed roof.  It was fast to model so I could get the visual look I wanted, but it wasn’t something that had the details on fabrication.

I drew it up again as a series of sheet metal pieces joined together with rivets.  This is pretty close to final, although I think I’ll do something to make the rivets on the faces of the lantern box symmetrical.

G&G Style Driveway Gate as a Sheet Metal Model

G&G Style Driveway Gate as a Sheet Metal Model

I need to order the low voltage lights for the two lanterns and the the street number so I can make sure everything is going to fit properly.  Monday I’m hoping to go to Alan Steel to pick up some copper sheet, I expect that to be an unhappy experience for my wallet.  I’ll probably only get enough to make the street number and finish that before I start making the lights.

For the main glass I’m going to use Wissmach Amber Iridized art glass:

Wissmach Medium Amber Iridized

Wissmach Medium Amber Iridized Glass

Here is an exploded view of the the lantern body, it will be a great opportunity to practice driving solid rivets!


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2 thoughts on “CAD Lantern

  1. I like the animated blow apart break down on the lantern. What gauge copper on you going to use on the lantern?

  2. I’m planning on using .0625″ thick copper on the lanterns. I might be able to use something slightly thinner and save some money. I want a little more thickness on the street number – maybe .080″ or so – because it has the delicate cut-outs.

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