Greene & Greene Tool Chest

I’ve been toying with the idea of building a tool chest for a few years, every since I read Christopher Schwarz’ “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest”.  I thought of building one just exactly as he prescribed, then later thought about a wall mounted option (which I build for the pure efficiency of it) and lately I’ve been toying with building a Dutch chest.  The original impetus was to store my tools, but the wall-mounted chest I build has been working really well for me.  The idea of building a dutch tool chest is just for fun, and possibly to give as a gift for a friend.

I joked about making a “Greene & Greene Dutch Chest” once, and the idea kinda stuck.  I thought I’d draw it up and see how it might play out.  I’d intended to incorporate more details into it, and I might play with it some more, but for now this is enough.

Will I build it?  Maybe, but it’s not high on my list.  I’d want to play with the design more to work out the kinks.

(these are high-res renderings – you can click on them for a larger version)

Dutch Tool Chest, ala G&G

Dutch Tool Chest, ala G&G

Inlay Detail

Inlay Detail


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7 thoughts on “Greene & Greene Tool Chest

  1. This is a beautiful design. I hope you do make it and blog about it.

  2. Kurt Cady

    Oh boy, does that look awesome! AWESOME! Do it! Do it!
    I just finished a plywood version and that rendering makes me jealous

    • Freddy, Kurt – thanks for the kinds words. It was fun to draw up, it would be fun to make too. I think the top (lid?) should have breadboard ends similar to the front cover, and probably some inlay too. It needs something at the base to “ground” it, and some carry handles probably modeled after the ones on the Belle Barlow Bush Curio Cabinet. I just ran out of energy last night 🙂

      curio cabinet

  3. Eww! Snazzy! That would be very cool!

    • Yeah, I like it too. But I don’t need a toolbox (or another project for that matter).

      I should do a “campaign” version for Chris… Maybe with a “roorkhee” style fold up base.

  4. Just based on the design, this would be a notable project. I hope you build it and do it soon. 🙂

  5. José Santiago

    What? No stained glass? Just kidding Joe. That’s a great design worthy of a build.

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