Shop Stool Build Off, Design #1

Chris at Flair Woodworks has kicked off a contest for a weekend shop stool build off, which sounds like a fun way to spend a weekend.  Not that I don’t have plenty of projects to work no, not the least of which is the currently-under-construction Underhill Nail Cabinet.  But now there are prizes to be had, so the stakes have gone up.

I’ve doodled ideas for several stools, and decided to take the design for one of them a bit further.  I kind of like it.  The shape of the legs isn’t quite right, and I think the bronze bars need a little less curve, but it’s close enough to ponder making.  I think I’d need to make the legs a little thinner and refined the curves on the outside faces and edges.  The should join the seat with wedged through tenons too, but this is just a quick digital mock up to see if I like it.

Rough Design for my Shop Stool

Rough Design for my Shop Stool

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3 thoughts on “Shop Stool Build Off, Design #1

  1. Looks like a winner”

  2. Hi Joe,

    I like the general shape of the stool, and the incorporation of bronze. Wedged tenons through the seat will look good as another design element. I might try shaping the underside of the seat to mirror that of the top, as well as thinning the legs.


    PS: Thanks for helping spread the word about the Shop Stool Build-Off!

    • Good idea on shaping the bottom of the seat to match the top, that will really help.

      The legs are definitely “clunky”.

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