Roy Underhill’s Nail Cabinet, Part 5

Nothing like string a simple project out for ever…

I finished up the door, mounted it to the case, sanded and finished the cabinet.  All I have left is to make the drawers, all 21 of them.  Yikes.

After taking the glued-up door out of the clamps I test fit it into the opening, it was actually a pretty good fit right off the bat…even with the little lumps of glue at the corners.  It’s a little too tight, and the gaps aren’t even, but this is what I was hoping for.

First test fit of the door to the case

First test fit of the door to the case

I knocked the glue lumps off, and shimmed the door in the opening to see how the fit was.  I worked my way around the perimeter of the door and got the gaps as even as I could.  I decided to only mortise the hinges into the door, just for expediency.  In the end, I’m pretty happy with the fit of the door to the case.

Door Hung and Gapped

Door Hung and Gapped

I epoxied two rare earth magnets, one in the door and one in the opening, to hold the door closed.  I have an irrational fear of putting one of the magnets in backwards and having a door that you can’t close.

Finally, I pulled the door back off for finishing.  Everything was sanded with 220, and I brushed on some orange shellac., trying to keep the color even.  Then I rubbed it out with 0000 steel wool and wax, re-mounted the door and hung the cabinet on the wall.  I just love the feel of shellac that’s been rubbed out with steel wool and wax, it’s just silky smooth.

I’m not happy with where this is mounted and I’ll end up moving it later.  It’s too close to the workbench, and the dust collector keeps the door from opening far enough.  But it’s off the workbench and out of the way so I can start processing stock for the TWENTY ONE drawers.  Good grief.

Completed case hung on the wall by my workbench

Completed case hung on the wall by my workbench

The inside, less the 21 drawers I still have to make...

The inside, less the 21 drawers I still have to make…


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3 thoughts on “Roy Underhill’s Nail Cabinet, Part 5

  1. I think you will soon be a drawer expert. Looking good and the color is great.

  2. Nice job on the margins with the door. Are you sticking with how Chris did the drawers too?

  3. Thanks Ralph, I was pretty happy with the results myself. The door was the other part that I was concerned about being able to pull off (the first was the egg crate divider).

    I’m planning to make the drawers the same way, but they are pretty weird looking in my opinion (bordering on ugly). That’s probably why there is a door on this project. There is no way I see myself dovetailing 21 drawers for this. I thought about putting a rabbet around the edges of the drawer fronts to hide the end grain on the drawer sides and bottom. I also thought about sawing some 1/8″ veneer to glue to the fronts of the drawers to cover the end grain. Most likely I’ll just follow the article though.

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