Coffee Cup Cabinet

Two weeks ago I started a project to use up some of my scraps.  I had a couple of boards of Claro Walnut I’d bought on a whim a few years ago and I decided to use them up.  For some reason this project seems to be moving at a snail’s pace.  It probably has something to do with not getting out to the shop much lately.

Last weekend I finished dovetailing the case.  It went pretty smoothly, and my confidence in dovetailing is improving.  I’m no Rob Cosman, but I am getting to a decent fit without a lot of fussing and adjusting.  The biggest problem I have is with lighting, I guess I’m of an age where my eyesight isn’t what it used to be.  Truth be told, it wasn’t ever what it used to be.  I need to get some better light over my bench, a shade over the window for when the morning sun is too strong, and maybe a better task light.  Layouts on dark woods like Walnut are a little hard too.

Tails transferred to the top and bottoms

Tails transferred to the top and bottoms

The pieces of Walnut I’m using for the sides are nice.  They have some interesting streaks of color that I oriented at the back, and a little patch of curly grain that will be at the front/top.

Decent Fit

Decent Fit

I dry fit the cabinet, and started cutting the stock for the door frame.  I’ve been re-reading one of my Krenov books and I’m doodling ideas for some details I want to incorporate into this cabinet.  Hopefully I’ll have a little more time this weekend and make some good progress on this project.

Dry Fit

Dry Fit

Dry Fit

Dry Fit

Dry Fit

Dry fit of the top





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2 thoughts on “Coffee Cup Cabinet

  1. Looking good! I need to learn to make my pins thinner.

    • I’ve been forcing myself to do that. I need to change the angle on mine, I’ve been using 14 degrees, but more and more I think it make the pins look too wide still. Next time I’m going to use a shallower angle.

      Frankly I’m still at the stage where I say “holy s***, it fits and there’s no daylight showing” 🙂

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