Byrdcliffe(-ish) Cabinet Continued

While I was waiting for the hide glue to dry I decided to start planning out the joinery for the door and the stained glass panel I’ll make for it.  There is a funny story here, but first some background.

Rewinding a bit, the original Byrdcliffe cabinet has a carved and painted Lilly panel in the door.


Original Byrdcliffe Cabinet

I’m making something in more of a Stickley or Mission theme to match the furniture in our guest room, a carved naturalistic Tulip doesn’t fit.  I decided to make a stained glass panel to fit in the door, so I searched for inspiration on the web.  My original idea was to incorporate a stylized rose (sometimes called a “Glasgow Rose” or “Makintosh Rose”) in the panel.

Stylized Rose

Stylized Rose

I grabbed a bunch of images that I liked so I could review them with my client, eh…wife.  Some of these are really nice, I especially like the Poppy.

Panel Designed by Dard Hunter

Panel Designed by Dard Hunter

This was a strong choice, it had my vote

This Poppy was a strong choice, it had my vote

Another possibility

Another possibility

Now here is the funny thing.

My wife and I have always had Greyhounds, they are an awesome breed.  We get them through a retired racers organization.  At one point we had four Greys in the house.  My wife wanted me to incorporate a Greyhound into the design, but I just couldn’t do it.  It didn’t make sense in a Stickley or Mission aesthetic.  Maybe in an art deco piece, but not in a Stickley with it’s rectilinear lines and utilitarian design.

Then I showed her this design from Dard Hunter, with a stylized Tulip.  I liked it, but I liked the poppy above more.  It certainly fit the intended era and design.

When my wife saw it she immediately said “I love it, a Greyhound face”.  Once I spotted the “hidden” Greyhound face, and it was all over and we both knew it had to be this design.  (Hint: the eyes are green)

Dard Hunter Tulip

Dard Hunter Tulip

Stained Glass Panel - Dard Hunter Tulip

Stained Glass Panel – Dard Hunter Tulip

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One thought on “Byrdcliffe(-ish) Cabinet Continued

  1. jamie

    Great story! And I really like the simple lines of the cabinet. For some reason it really strikes me, thanks for posting it!

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