Mission Sconce Plans

I’ve been tweaking my design for a “mission style sconce” today, and I think I’m happy with the current design.  I need to print out a full size drawing at Kinko’s once more to verify the size, but I think I’ve got it.  If you want plans, you can download them here.  I’m going to start cutting parts for it this weekend.

The original version was just a little too big for the room when I printed it.  I narrowed the wall plate, and shortened it, shortened the horizontal arm, and changed the size of the glass share (and dragonfly contours) multiple times.  I added some ebony pegs to the bottom.  I think this is “final”.

Final Sconce Design?

Final Sconce Design?

I did an updated rendering, but just with “plain glass”.  To render it with the actual stained glass design requires some extra CAD work to model the lead beads and split it into separate pieces so I can have a different rendering plan for each one.  I’ll do that later as an exercise — I want to wait to make sure I don’t need any more design changes first.

Rendering without stained glass

Rendering without stained glass

The color of the glass in the rendering is from the preview picture of the actual glass I plan to use for the background of the sconce.  I have some of this, and a nice iridized red/white wispy glass ordered already.

Glass Colors

Glass Colors

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