Patina on my Hardware

I’m working on the final scraping and sanding before I start building up the finish on my Byrdcliffe-cum-Arts & Crafts cabinet.  While I’m doing that I decided to try experiment with the finish on the brass hinges I’m using.

I don’t think I want shiny brass, I want a little color that will compliment the other colors I’ll have going on, but also something subtle that will blend in rather than call attention to itself.  I read somewhere about using ammonia to patine brass, so I dribbled some into a quart paint can with some wood shavings – just enough to moisten them.  I dropped my hinges and screws in after cleaning them with some acetone, and left them overnight.

Today I dumped out the contents and let everything dry off.  I rubbed the brass with steel wool and applied a coat of paste wax.  I like it.  There is a soon on one of the leaves that didn’t get an even color, I probably should have scrubbed them a little more first.  Live and learn.

Patinated Brass Hinges

Patinated Brass Hinges

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2 thoughts on “Patina on my Hardware

  1. What a transformation. I like that color – did you use the same ammonia that you fumed the WO with?

  2. Yes, I used the same janitorial ammonia. I’m happy with the results, but I think I next time I’ll do two things differently. First, a little more scrubbing to make sure there isn’t any residual oil or lacquer on the part, and second a little less ammonia and more time. I’d like a little more speckled appearance.

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