Limbert 305 1/2 CAD Renderings

I’m sorry, I can’t help it.  Having drawn out the front and rear view of the Limbert 305 1/2 cabinet the other day I really wanted to see what it might look like if I built it.


Limbert 305 1/2 Cabinet Detail

Limbert 305 1/2 Cabinet Detail

I decided that the proportions of the various parts in my initial drawing were close enough.  I settled on a series of 1/8″ set backs — the  edges of the top and sub-top are are in 1/8″ from the legs, the rails are set back 1/8″ from the top, the door is set in 1/8″ from the rails, etc.  In the drawing from the catalog the panels in the front and sides look to be either ship-laped or tongue-and-groove construction, so that’s how I set up the model.  I did do some of the joinery in the CAD model (for example, the mortise and tenon construction) but I didn’t model all of the joinery.  I just wanted to see what it looks like, if I decide to make it some day I’ll sort out the rest of the construction details that I glossed over.

The glass panel in the catalog drawing is hard to make out, but looking at other drawings from the catalog I think that is suppossed to be a branch with a couple of leaves.  If I make this I’d probably do some sort of Oak leaf pattern like the drawing below.  For this rendering I just used a plain piece of opalescent glass.  The mission style pull is just a quick model that I did, but it works OK, the pull in the catalog drawing is different. but hard to see enough detail to make it.  (What am I saying, I’m not actually going to build this am I?)

Possible layout for the  stained glass panel

Possible layout for the stained glass panel

So here is what I came up with.  There are a few construction details to sort out, but it should be pretty straightforward to build if someone wants to do it.  I think the slats fir the panels make it a little more interesting.  The finish needs to be darker, but getting a truly realistic wood rendering in SolidWorks is something I’m still playing with.  It takes a lot experimentation and fussing around, at least it takes that for me to do it.  This is just a standard 2D oak from the materials library.  The glass is an actual photograph of the glass applied as a “decal” to the surface with some luminescence to make it pop a little more.

Limbert 305 1/2 Rendering

Limbert 305 1/2 Rendering


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