Greene & Greene Cabinet Model

No time in the shop today, too many other activities.  My son’s 14th birthday, a trip to the Urgent Care center for some stitches (for me) — just the usual weekend fun and games.

But, I did sneak in an hour or two early this morning before anyone was awake and got the door for the Thorsen House Cabinet modeled in CAD.  This really helped me understand how the thing goes together, the instructions that came with the video were a little thin on details.  I ended up watching the pertinent bits a second time to be able to see how the parts of the door related to each other.

I want to model the stained glass and the construction details for that next, this rendering just has plain textured glass in it.  Yjr stained glass that will go in this is mostly clear, with “clouds” of colored glass floating toward the top.  I’m not sure I like the way the glass is held in in the video version of the cabinet, it looks a little heavy handed to me, so I’ll probably play with that some.  I also need to decide what to do for the handle (and add hinges, of course).  The handle on the one in the video is a recreation of the handles from the Gamble House kitchen, I think I’d like to make my own.  More stuff to figure out.

I have a few bits to buy to move forward on this (hinges, keyhole brackets, some 5/4 Sapele so I can make the door 1″ thick), good thing I’m not in a hurry.

CAD Model for Thorsen House Cabinet

CAD Model for Thorsen House Cabinet

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