Finish Samples

I’m working away on the “Thorsen Cabinet”, and have the skirt nearly finished.  One more trip to the store to get some screws and the router bit I need.

While I’m working on the skirt and other parts I’be been working up a sample board to check out how I’m planning on finishing this project. I know that’s weeks away, but I’m eager to see how it will look.

This sample was sanded to 320, and then I wet it to raise the grain.  I scuff sanded it with 320 after it dried and put on one coat of Trans-Tint Brown Mahogany dye.  After that was dry I rubbed it with a white Scotchbrite bad to take off any grain fuzzies, and gave it a coat of Linseed Oil.  I left that to dry overnight, then padded on two coats of garnet shellac, rubbed with steel wool and waxed with Dark Brown Briwax.

It looks good, although I think I want a hint more red in the finished cabinet.  I think I’ll try either the Reddish-Brown or Red Mahogany dyes and see how that looks.  Maybe a different color wax too, although that is pretty subtle and probably won’t make much difference.

Finished sample next to sanded, bare Sapele

Finished sample next to sanded, bare Sapele.  Photographed outside in open shade

Same parts, photographed outside in direct sun.

Same parts, photographed outside in direct sun.

Same sample, photographed inside in natural light.

Same sample, photographed inside in natural light.

I think this sample is pretty close to the color of the original cabinet, maybe with a couple more coats of Garnet Shellac.  Whatcha think?

Original Thorsen Cabinet from "Poems..."

Original Thorsen Cabinet from “Poems…”

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4 thoughts on “Finish Samples

  1. The change in the sunlight to natural light picture is pretty dramatic. They look like different boards. My personal preference would be a lighter look

    • Yeah, that’s crazy how different they look isn’t it? I like the darker colors myself, as long as it’s not just all dark and muddy.

      Now I just need to make wood paneling and trim for the wall where I want this to go. That should be a good excuse to take the poster down…

  2. What was the cut on the shellac. Also I may add a little red trans tint to what you have.. but it looks great…

    • I think it’s roughly a two-pound cut, about a half pound of flake to a quart of alcohol. I padded on the coats, which tends to put it on pretty thin.

      I’ll make up some more sample boards as experiments.

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