Mission Style Picture Frame

I’m still working on the Greene & Greene cabinet — in fact after my visit to the Thorsen house today I’m hoping to pick up some copper bar stock to to make the surround for the stained glass panel that will go in the door.  I have probably a half a day’s work of details on the cabinet construction left, plus finishing.  And maybe a day to do the stained glass panel.  Ish.

So I’m thinking ahead to the next projects, and I think there are two.  A picture frame for a print my wife likes, to match what we’ve done in the guest room (mission style) and a bookcase for the same room.  So last night I started doodling ideas for the picture frame.  It has to fit a print the is 18″ x 24″, and it has to come out out one scrap of 4/4 White Oak I already have, the that constrains my design.

Design for a Mission Style Frame

Design for a Mission Style Frame

It’s nothing crazy, simple mortise and tenon construction with a rabbet for the glass.  I may need to make the rabbet a little deeper to allow for the glass and a backer board, I can tweak that in the shop when I figure out what I’ll use for those two items.  The way I laid out the mortises the rabbet won’t interfere.  I drew up a quick set of plans to use in the shop, you can download them from this link, or by clicking on the preview image below.

I’m on the fence about the 1/8″ round-over on the edges.  I may do a 1/8″ chamfer instead when it comes down to it.  I do like the different thicknesses in the frame parts, that creates a nice shadow line at the joints.  I’ll use the same finish recipe I used on the Byrdcliff cabinet and the Dragonfly sconces, so it should match and look nice in the room.  I also need to think through how to hang this — I’ll have to look at the hardware store for some convenient contrivance.

My buddy Ron will be here at 9:00 to drive up to the Thorsen house with me, if I get a move on I can probably get the stock for the frame cut to size before he gets here…

Exploded view of the frame

Exploded view of the frame

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