Made a good start…

On the new Thorsen side table, that is.  Nothing particularly clever here, just straightforward machine work.

I rough cut the Sapele for the skirts, stretchers and legs.  It’s all oversized at this point of course, I was just breaking it down.  I cut an extra leg, extra skirt and several extra stretchers in case I screw something up.  And I immediately screwed up one of the legs.  *score*

Wood for the legs, stretchers and skirts rough cut.

Wood for the legs, stretchers and skirts rough cut.

I processed everything, and got all the parts cut to size.  It’s good to know I could do the dimensioning by hand, but I have to say it would take me days to get this stuff ready by hand.  Plus it gets really hot in the shop, at least 15 degrees hotter than outside, even with the doors open and a fan running.  I’ll use my #4 LN to smooth all of these before I sand and assemble the table.

Parts milled to final size and length.

Parts milled to final size and length.  In the background is a stained glass “peacock feather” sun catchermy son is doing.

I should have gotten a little further along, but I was hot and took a break for a couple of hours to finish a novel I was reading.  I went back out and did the mortises and started making the holes for the ebony plugs.  I’ll do the tenons on the skirts and stretchers next, then work out the details on the cloud lifts and piercing on the skirts, waterfall steps on the legs and various other things that chew up time.

Mortises done

Mortises done

This should be a fun project, and I can probably finish it and the cabinet at the same time.  I’m asking around for someone who can make a house call on my DoAll bandsaw, I need to get that repaired — I can’t stand tools that don’t work.

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