Thorsen Table with Waterfall Legs

I was curious how the Thorsen table (ok, plant stand) would look with the waterfall legs.  I haven’t researched this extensively, but in one of Darrell Peart’s books he mentions that this was a detail first used on the Gamble furniture.  Each step in the waterfall is 1/8″, so I’m stepping from 1 1/4″ down to 1″ in total.  I like it, I’m going to build it this way.

I ran into a weird problem with SolidWorks where the high resolution render will use a different material than what I have in the model — in this case it ends up with this weird, blotchy, swirly grain.  I’ve run into this before and the only way to fix it is to remove all of the materials from the model and then replace them.  So I just grabbed a screen shot of the model instead.

CAD model updated with waterfall legs

CAD model updated with waterfall legs

I also updated the plans with the leg detail, and added in the ebony pegs on the legs where the stretchers meet that I had missed.  I noticed that I omitted the overall length for the leg, I’ll have to correct that later, but it’s 21.5″ long.

Updated Plans

Updated Plans

I didn’t model every detail, in the original pieces I’ve seen all of the edges are eased — rounded or softened in some way.  In the photograph of the original table that John provided a link to take a look at the ends of the breadboard caps on the top.  They are almost “pillowed”.  The edges of the piercings on the skirts are subtly rounded too.  In a lot of G&G reproductions I see on the web this kind of detail is missing, and it’s pretty simple to do.  Another thing that’s interesting about the original is that the color of the lower shelf is significantly different from the rest of the piece.  I don’t know if that’s original or intentional.  The caption on the archive site says that the table is “Teak and Mahogany”, so I’m guessing it’s a difference in woods and it’s intentional, and the table itself is teak while the shelf is Mahogany.  Anyone know for sure?

Original Thorsen Plant Stand

Original Thorsen Plant Stand


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2 thoughts on “Thorsen Table with Waterfall Legs

  1. It’s teak with mahogany pegs. The color difference of the lower shelf is not so obvious when looking at the original, although I think the shelf is less faded than the upper part of the table.

  2. Ah, thanks John. I was hoping you could shed some light on that. I definitely need to get back to the Huntington regularly.

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