Aww, Snap!

I was cutting my tenons down to size, and guess what fell off of the workbench?  Crud.

one step forward...six steps back.

one step forward…six steps back.

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11 thoughts on “Aww, Snap!

  1. Alan

    To repair or replace, that is the question.

    • I may glue the handle as a stop-gap. I’ll call Lie-Nielsen in the morning and get a price for a replacement handle.

      I probably need to order a Bad Axe saw as a backup in case this happens again, right?

  2. I like my bad axe…I love the R Groves I bought used. Why don’t you make a handle yourself, you have a pattern?

  3. The nice thing about the LN saw handle is you can buy a replacement that will fit. I replaced the one on my dovetail for $25. I wish LN would switch to a different wood for the handles – I think curly maple is too prone to chipping.

  4. Oh .. hateful!!! What a bummer. I’d probably glue and get back to work. That’s a pretty catastophic failure. Bet Mark (Bad Axe) could make you a better replacement handle that would hold up better. Just a thought.

    • Ok, this is amazing. I sent an email to LN asking about the cost for a replacement handle. The offered to ship me a replacement for free, or if I sent them my saw they would install it and ship it back at no charge.


  5. Epoxy itandit will be stronger then ever!!!!

    • I was going to glue it as a stop-gap until the new handle came, but the two parts don’t fit together well — I guess the handle had warped and was under tension. I’m past the point of needing it on this project, by time I need it again I’ll have the replacement in hand.

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