Table Tenon Trimming

I got exactly half of my tenons trimmed.  Since both my band saw and my only carcass saw are DOA that made me stop and think about my options.  I have to saw away a little over half the width of the tenon, then tune it up with a plane so it fits properly.  I used my scroll saw on these, which worked OK.  Probably a good warmup for doing the piercing, but it’s like using a pair of tweezers to put your shoes away — it’s just not the right tool.  As I think about the other tools I could use to do this it makes me realize how easy it is to get locked into one way of doing a job.

Regardless, I got the tenons on two skirts and two stretchers trimmed up.  I’ll get the others today, and then move on to the details that make this table special.  Probably the piercing next, then the waterfall legs.  Need to start the top too.

I’m happy with the fit of the tenons.  They slide home with firm pressure and a light tap or two from the mallet, and the shoulders close up almost perfectly.  They do look a little plain at this stage, but that is about to change.

Two sides of the table dry-fit

Two sides of the table dry-fit


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