The hard part is done…

Ya know, saying “it’s all downhill from here” is probably something that a guy should never say.  Like saying “traffic is really light today”, it invites a giant pile up and hours of delay.  But, there, I already said it.

Cutting the pierced details on the table skirts was stressful.  Overall I did a pretty good good job, but it’s amazing how your eye can pick out the tinniest little irregularity.  I sawed “right on the line” when cutting these, but that meant that in come places I was just leaving the line and at the other end of the spectrum I was just erasing the line.  That is a variance of .010″ to .015″ (about 1/64″), but it’s obvious to my eye. (and even with contacts my vision is still a little dicey).

So I did the best I could, and I’ll clean them up with a file and sandpaper and call it good enough.

First I sawed out the detail to match the first, more complex design.

Two skirts done, no cleanup on the piercing yet

Two skirts done, no cleanup on the piercing yet

Then I printed out the other two templates.  I used the same approach of laying down blue tape first, then using spray adhesive to affix the the template.  This works well, the whole mess peels off easily.  I did a sample piece with just the template and spray adhesive and even after washing with acetone and scraping the wood is still gummy.  I marked the locations for the end-drill reliefs, drilled the holes and was ready to roll.

Patterns glued down for the other two skirts

Patterns glued down for the other two skirts

I expected these to be easier to saw out — and they were — but straight lines really seem to show off any irregularities much worse than curves.  I sawed them and didn’t fret (no pun intended) about undulations.  Then I told them to the bench and did some hand work to try to true the cuts.  I’ll probably do a little more fine tuning on the sawn reliefs when I go out in the shop this morning and look at them with fresh eyes, but I think these are close to being close enough.  Maybe.  What do you think?

After I deal with the cloud lift detail along the bottom I’ll sand the faces of the skirts and break the edges of the pierced areas, which will soften things up a bit.

Nearly (?) complete skirt piercings

Nearly (?) complete skirt piercings

I did a quick dry fit to see how things are looking, I think this is going to be nice when it’s finished.

Dry fit assembly of the table

Dry fit assembly of the table (yes, one stretcher is backwards)

Next, cloud lift detail on the skirts, water fall detail on the legs, rounding all of the edges and sanding.  Once I get the base glued up I can make the table top with the breadboard ends and fit the lower shelf.  Hopefully it won’t be too hot today to keep working.

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4 thoughts on “The hard part is done…

  1. When I finsh up something difficult, I also give myself a sneak peak reward. 🙂

  2. I’m impressed, these came out really well and in Sapele which can be a little difficult.

  3. Mike Hamilton

    Looking good!
    Is one bottom rail in backwards in the dry fit? Or is there something I don’t know about the design?

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