Arts & Crafts Bookcase – Another Option

I’m playing with some different ideas for the final details on the Mission-ish bookcase.  I think the basic bookcase with the Greene & Greene stained glass panels I posted earlier has a lot of merit.  Even without any inlay the glass will add a lot of “zing”.

I wanted to try something more traditionally “mission”.  This version has basic leaded divided panels in the doors, and a original Ellis inlay design.  It would be more subtle.

Bookcase with "Mission" glass and inlay

Bookcase with “Mission” glass and inlay

The inlay design I’m using is out of Bob Lang’s “Craftsman Inlay Designs” book — which is out of print, but all the same designs are in his “Great Book of Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture“.  This design is intended for a table leg, so I cut off the bottom extension to make it fit in the smaller horizontal space.  I could add some more elements to better fill the horizontal space, I might also play with different designs.  My cad software isn’t doing a good job rendering this design, there are some visual glitches, it’s supposed to be pewter and copper

Closeup of the inlay design

Closeup of the inlay design

I’m going to keep playing with different design ideas, but I’m holding off on doing a full layout of most of these in CAD for now as that will be a giant time sink.  If I decide to go with the design from the Earl C. Anthony house for the glass it will be faster to print out the original photos to scale and use that as a guide to draw out the pattern for the glass.


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2 thoughts on “Arts & Crafts Bookcase – Another Option

  1. I like this simplified version, but the inlay element needs something flanking it on either side. By design, or not, you’ve set up a repeating triptic throughout this bookcase. Three cases, each with three shelves. The doors have three vertical and three horizontal panes. So it follows that the decorative inlay should repeat that element of three.


    • I disagree. The doors’ locks make a nice triangulation with the inlay.

      And I like more this version, in the last one I felt that the flowers didn’t let you see the books. Also the straight lines will blend better with the books on the back, imho.


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