Inlay, Again

So I decided to try doing some simple inlay, I ordered the micro router base for the Foredom tool from William Ng today, and a couple of micro router bits.  Now I’ve done it.  I’ll probably start with some flush inlay first for practice before attempting to do the bolection style.  I wish there was a course where someone would walk me through the process to get me jump started, I’m finding it a little intimidating frankly.

I did find a set of DVDs on inlay by Larry Robinson, who does some amazing work, primarily on guitars, in shell and metal.  I don’t care for his “meet the beetles” guitar in this video, but the other work is pretty stunning.  The DVDs are available from Stewart MacDonald, they are a little spendy so I just got the first one to check it out for now.  I’ll post a review after I watch it.


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