Shop Organization – Baby Steps

Yesterday I did the simple stuff to get the shop back into fighting order — I moved all of the stained glass stuff to the metal shop, used a roll-around cart I had in the other shop to hold the parts of the Thorsen Cabinet until I assemble them, and just did a general clean up.

I’m at the point where I can start another project — and I’m on the fence between the Blacker Serving Table and building some stuff to make the shop easier to work in.  I measured up a bit of open wall space between my drill press and the dust collector yesterday and thought about what kind of cabinet I could put there to store my hand held power tools, drill bits and router bits.

Idea for a wall cabinet to store tools

Idea for a wall cabinet to store tools

The bottom shelf will hold the routers, the one above will hold the biscuit joiner and my two pneumatic nailers.  It’s bad planning not to have space for a finish nailer too, but I don’t plan to buy one anytime soon.  Probably not until immediately after I build this cabinet is things go as they usually do…

The other shelves should be plenty adequate to hold any other miscellany that presents itself.  I’m inclined not to build in dedicated storage for router bits as my long term plan is to build a cabinet base for my router tablet handle that.

There will be a door — just a flat sheet of plywood inn a piano hinge, to keep dust out and make in look nicer.  This will be just a simple lash up — no fancy edge banding.  3/4″ shop ply for most of it, a 1/2″ back inset by a 1/2″ so I can have a french cleat on the back to hang it.  I’ll have a screw strip too, lower down, as this is pretty tall and could use more reinforcement.  The shelves sit in dados, the top and bottom are a tongue and groove assembly.  The back is trapped in a groove.

This would be faster to build with pocket screws – if I had that setup.  Just thinking about it, there are probably a couple of hours in setting up the dado stack for different cuts to get it done accurately.  And it would eliminate the gluing and clamping.  Anyone have any experience building  cabinets with pocket hole screws?

I’m going to make a cup of coffee first and mediate on what I want to do today before committing to doing this, and fighting the weekend beach traffic to get to the Home Despot for plywood.

Basic Dimensions

Basic Dimensions

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2 thoughts on “Shop Organization – Baby Steps

  1. Joe,

    Open wall space? What is this open wall space of which you speak :-).

    Some day MsOK will back off enough so I can build a whole new set of shop furniture….Yeah, sure and I have a bridge to sell as well.

    BTW, Good luck,


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