Cadfael: A G&G (uhmm…) Power Strip

Again, with apologies to Derek Jacobi (for the CAD file pun)…and credit (blame?) to Ralph at the Accidental Woodworker for the inspiration, I’m pleased to present another random synaptic misfire.

I’m actually kind of excited about building this, it will be a great chance to practice my inlay work, and should be a relatively quick project.  Less than two months I’d bet, but don’t hold me to that.  Nothing too complex, and I can make it from scraps left over from recent projects.

The starting point for the project is the Leviton plug.  It’s rated for 20 amps and has one standard 3 prong grounded outlet and two USB charger outlets for the Apple devices that seem to be reproducing everywhere in my house.

Leviton T5830-E plug

Leviton T5830-E plug

I bought two of these through Amazon, they weren’t available locally.  I specifically wanted black because of the style I’m headed towards.  I started by modeling the plug in SolidWorks so I had a virtual outlet to play with.

Plug modeled in CAD so I can use it to start mocking up the design

Plug modeled in CAD so I can use it to start mocking up the design

I settled on using two of these, both for the scale and because they are a little pricy, at least compared to standard 110 outlets that are only a couple of bucks each.

I tried a couple of arrangements, and settled on an inline layout.  I sorted out the proportions and modeled sides, a base, a brass top and some spiffy inlay in silver and abalone shell.  I haven’t figured out the exact mounting arrangements for the outlets and brass top — I may end up putting a couple of screws through the brass top plate.  I’ll probably use some vintage cloth covered cord for the extension cord to the wall outlet.  I’m not happy with the base and will likely change it when I have a better idea.

I know it’s a goofy idea, but I like it.

Power strip rendering

Power strip rendering

Rendering from another perspective

Rendering from another perspective

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4 thoughts on “Cadfael: A G&G (uhmm…) Power Strip

  1. This is one classy looking power strip. Go for it.

  2. I’d go without a base and put a captive bottom panel in it. I really like the top detail and it would look great sans screws anywhere. That would be a head scratcher.

    • I agree that the base isn’t adding anything in this configuration — but I feel like it needs a base to ground it visually. I’m going to play with it some more, but if I can’t get a base design that looks good I’ll leave it off and have a recessed bottom to close it.

      The shape and size of abalone leaves need work, and probably a few other small tweaks to the inlay design too.

  3. Dallas

    I like it…great way to use up scraps as well. Looking forward to watching it unfold.

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