Where’s Joe?

I didn’t have time to post anything this past weekend – my parents were in town for a visit.  I didn’t expect to get any shop time, other than the traditional shop tour to show off what I’m doing.  Neither of my folks have the same “need to make something” affliction as me, so I was slightly surprise when my mom announced she wanted to make a candlestick holder.

My son has made these as Christmas gifts in previous years, and it’s a pretty foolproof project, so I gave her a quick overview and chucked up a piece of Chakte Koc (AKA “mexican red heart”) that I had just for this purpose.  I guided her in the process, but she did all the work, donning my flannel shirt and standing fearlessly in the billowing stream of damp wood shavings spraying out.

Mom working at the $75 lathe

Mom working at the $75 lathe

She sanded the part through a series of grits, ending with 600 and then a final burnish with the shavings from the part.  We finished it with a coat of oil & wax.  Unfortunately we didn’t make time for dad to make one too, but he and I made ribs one night, and pulled pork another.

Mom's Candlestick

Mom’s Candlestick

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3 thoughts on “Where’s Joe?

  1. Awesome! I’m still planning to get a lathe and staring my spouse on the woodworking slippery slope.

  2. That’s fantastic Joe. Go mom! I have to admit I was getting a little worried since I hadn’t seen any progress posts out of you.

  3. I have no room for a lathe at the moment, that is beautiful! I hope my first efforts come remotely close to that.

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