Third Time is a Charm (ish)

While the turkey was cooking yesterday I turned another marking knife handle, this one out of Cocobolo.

It all came together fairly nicely, I was really gentle with the turning, and the wood was much stronger than the Walnut burl — much more appropriate for this application.  I’ll glue this up today and see how it works.

Marking knife handle turned in Cocobolo

Marking knife handle turned in Cocobolo

I polished the brass collar and sawed the slot for the blade.  I used an old gents saw that I had, to try to get the finest kerf.  That was a mistake because I know it’s impossible to saw straight with it.  Next time I’ll use my dovetail saw.

Parts ready for assembly

Parts ready for assembly and finishing

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4 thoughts on “Third Time is a Charm (ish)

  1. Very nice! Dark wood, brass and a blade. What’s not to like? Is the blade a friction fit so that its replaceable?

    • The blade gets glued in, although a friction fit is possible I guess. The article David Barron wrote outlines a unique sharpening approach for this blade. Since you only use the tip to mark dovetails, you sharpen it by working the angled back of the blade above the tip. Put that flat on the stone and stroke it to flatten and polish. We’ll see how that works out.

      • That actually makes really good sense. This would make an excellent kolrosing knife as well.

        It’s funny, I was just writing up a post on my do all shop knife. My is purchased and very utilitarian though.

  2. Nice!! I wanna lathe. 🙂

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