Fabrication at the speed of light…in dog years

Man, that old saw about the last 10%…

I’m down to a handful of simple parts to make before I can call it a wrap on the Marquetry Chevalet.  None are particularly hard bits to make, but I ended up tied up with errands and other chores over the weekend.  I made a start on this riser post on Sunday, and finished it up after work tonight. It needs a quick sanding, and I may round over the edges — or chamfer them.  The bolt through the seat bottom meets the hole in the tenon on the bottom of the riser, and engages with the square nut in the mortise – so it’s functional.

Completed riser

Completed Riser

Onward and upward.  Next thing you know I’ll be posting pictures of glue drying.  Stay tuned!


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3 thoughts on “Fabrication at the speed of light…in dog years

  1. That is about the best looking riser I have ever seen. Seriously, nicely formed parts. 🙂

  2. Is that a razor shave on the bench? How do you like using it?

    • Hi Ralph,

      It’s a scraper shave. I cut the taper and curve on the riser on the bandsaw, then used my LN spokeshave to do the shaping. The scraper shave is something I’ve had for a decade but never used — I picked it up at a local hardware store when they still carried real woodworking tools before it was taken over by a chain.

      I need to sharpen it properly, but it worked well to smooth the surface. The LN leaves a really beautiful surface to begin with, so this is just taking little bits off to remove any chatter or facets I’ve left.

      I decided to try it after reading an article by David Barron on making one.

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