Chevy Fabrication Finished

I completed construction on the classic chevy yesterday.  Or as a friend used to say, “it’s all fabrimacated now”.

A little sanding and slathering, then final assembly and adjusting.  I need to order some veneer today so I can see if I can pull off a simple marquetry project without Patrick and Patrice coaching.

What I did yesterday was the “slidey thingine” and the “clampy thingie”.  I didn’t take any pictures of the latter part, but it’s just a 3/4″  board that is thinned down to 3/8″ for most of it’s length.  I actually made a cosmetic mistake on it and might re-do it.  we’ll see.  The foot pedal assembly came out nice.  It started with a giant dovetail connection between the vertical slide and the actual foot medal.

Dovetail sawn on the end of the vertical slide

Dovetail sawn on the end of the vertical slide.  To ensure it ended up in the sight spot on the horizontal foot pedal I struck a center line, that way I only had to watch four things while transferring the teal to the pedal: centerline alignment, baseline gap, alignment with the square and tracking the marking knife.

I did a reasonably good job sawing and chiseling the joint, I had to pare one small area where the the saw went slightly off course.  When I knocked the joint together is was TIGHT, if it had been any tighter I would have worried.  Back apart, glued and into the vise to dry while I took my sone to a school function…

The sound of one glue joint drying...

The sound of one glue joint drying…

Back home, the glue’s dried enough (or, more accurately, I’ve waited ling enough for the glue to dry).  A little clean up on the back of the joint and it look pretty good.  One little gap right at the edge.  No one, other than the 3 people that read my blog, will ever see it.  The important think it that it be strong, and I[m confident on that front.

Finished pedal/slider assembly

Finished pedal/slider assembly

Back into the car, pick up screws at the hardware store, a few groceries, and finally the boy, and I’m back home again.  I finish up the pedal mechanism and install it on the front leg of the seat assembly.

Pedal mechanism done and installed

Pedal mechanism done and installed

And with that done, I can finally glue up the seat assembly.  This went as smoothly as any multi-part assembly could go.  I’d profit everything, so it was just a matter of sliding everything in place while juggling clamps.  I wiped off the worst of the glue squeeze out,tonight I’ll give it a once over with some sandpaper (everything was pre-sanded) just to clean up any shop dings and bits of escaped glue.  Then I can put a coat of finish on the parts. I’m going with a 1-1-1 mix of mineral spirits, linseed oil and poly for the first few coats.  I really only want enough finish on this to protect it and bring out the color of the wood.  I’ve never finished spell without dye, so I’m eager to see how this looks, color-wise.  It should be fairly brown with some reddish cast.

Seat assembly glue up

Seat assembly glue up

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10 thoughts on “Chevy Fabrication Finished

  1. I assure you that there are many more than three, Joe. Your persistence in accomplishing a goal is remarkable. Taking a sojourn to study with Patrick….building your own chevalet…. Hats off!

    • Thanks Larry, an hour a week and I’ll get there eventually! I think I need to take some time off work so I can focus on making stuff and get reality caught up with my imagination.

  2. Bob Duff

    Excellent Joe. I’m still looking at the unopened box of parts from Patrick and you’re now finished! We’ll, I’ll resolve to get my Chevy built before my 65th at the beginning of March.(can’t make it a News Years resolution or it will never get done!) Also been following Paul’s jewelry case…..OMG what have you guys got me into……. Do also supply mountain climbing gear and oxygen to allow us to climb to your heights?

    You also planning on ordering some sawn veneer……

  3. Joe where do you order your commercial veneer from?

    • I haven’t bought any yet — the few things I’ve made in the past were with saw-cut veneer I sliced on my bandsaw. The only downside with that approach is having enough colors (species) on hand for a project. That and the thickness. The last time I did this I was ending up around .100″ thick, which is probably a bit thicker than ideal for doing a boule style packet as all of the colors have to be in one packet, plus probably .180″ of “backer” wood.

      Lots to learn here, it’s going to be interesting. I’m trying to find a design I like in a size to suit either a box or a small wall cabinet. Not too complex or my brain will melt, not too simple to be boring.

  4. Jonathan


    It’s looking great and you sure have finished it in record time. I can’t wait to see what you create with it.

    All the best,


  5. Fantastic! Do you have a place cleared in the living room yet? LOL


    • It’s all timing. I’ve started dropping hints about how we need to get a new chair for the living room. It will build to a crescendo about the time the finish drys 🙂

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