I’m done staring at this now

After probably two months of part time tinkering I’ve finished building the french marquetry saw I’ve been piddling with.  It looks nice, it seems to clamp parts properly and it saws.  I’m going to stick to simple projects for a little while.

This wasn’t hard, it was just a lot of pieces to make.  It needed to be accurate so that it cuts properly (exactly perpendicular to the real vise jaw).  I probably will need to adjust the carriage for the saw frame to dial this in — that’s why it has the adjusters built in.  But for today there are no more parts to make.  And with the Chevy assembled there are no more stacks of parts to be shuffled from one place to another.

I’m going to do a simple practice marquetry project soonish, but I have one or two quick things I want to build first.  The first is a tool from Smith’s Key, this should be a lot of fun.  Now where did I leave my box of triangular files?








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12 thoughts on “I’m done staring at this now

  1. Loved watching you build this Joe! Thanks for sharing the build and I can’t wait to see what you make with it.

  2. Man, you did good. i like it very very much …

  3. The staring paid off it’s a sweet looking sawing thingie. It’s always a good feeling to finish a project that has taken a while to complete.

  4. ctregan

    I knew a European fellow who made one of these – except he called it a Donkey? and used a hand coping saw.
    Wood working is always more difficult when moving parts are involved. Nice job!

    • Historically, the version with the clamp that required a hand held fret saw pre-dates this one. That is the one shown in Roubo as I recall. This style has advantages in cutting thicker packets of marquetry as for Boule and piece-by-piece methods where you’re cutting a stack of veneers maybe 3/4″ thick. If the blade isn’t perfectly square to the packet then come of the pieces will be undersized and won’t fit.

  5. Robert Demers

    Look very much like a precision build machine. Very well executed! Cant wait to see the first project coming out of it!

  6. Joe,
    your secretary posted this again. I don’t think I missed any pics from the first time.

  7. Sylvain

    This looks like a piece of furniture.

  8. It looks fantastic Joe! Congratulations. Sooo, what’s the plan for keeping the sawdust off the living room rub? I think it will compliment nicely with your Greene and Greene pieces too.


    • See that swoopy cutout in the top of the upright? That the sawdust catcher. 15 seconds with the dust buster will clean up after hours of marquetry.

      The carpeting in the living room might be a problem though. When I was in the class we did marquetry self portraits. I spent ten minutes on the floor looking for one of my nostrils…

      • OK. Out with the carpet. What you need is a raised platform painted white or some such color. This will make the finding of errant pieces easier and add the proper air of importance to you and your chevy. It would also be a classy touch if the whole works would slowly revolve as you worked.

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