Just a quickie

I moved the Mallow flower picture along to the next phase today, which mostly involved a short burst of frenzied work and then a lot of nothing while the glue dries.  I love the sound of glue drying, it’s my favorite shop sound.


Assembled mallow flower picture, just needing a couple of tiny repairs, and mastic.

Here is where we left off, the glue face of the picture facing up.  At this point I have it glued face down to the assembly board.  I patched a couple of spots where the banding was wonky, then I mixed up some “mastic”, which is Walnut sanding dust, black tempra powdered paint, hot hide glue and hot water.  Then I spackled the back of the picture, to fill any saw kerfs and gaps.  The Wenge on the border was also super thin, so I filled the height difference.

This looks like butt, right?

This looks like butt, right?

I block sanded the mastic to make sure it was flat and smooth after it dried.  I also cut a piece of Cherry veneer for the back of the panel.  I’m still undecided about whether this is a sample for the shop wall, or the start of a small cabinet.  To keep my options open I’m veneering both sides of a 1/4″ MDF panel.

Cherry backer veneer -- this is what you'll see on the inside of the door, if in fact this ever becomes a door.

Cherry backer veneer — this is what you’ll see on the inside of the door, if in fact this ever becomes a door.

The glue up is always a little frantic.  I NEARLY GLUED IT FACE DOWN.  Whoops, that would have sucked.  Instead it’s just extra glue on the show face to scrape off.  That’s it, glue is drying and I’ve started another project, sans marquetry.  How that project came to be will be a funny, or maybe telling, story.


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5 thoughts on “Just a quickie

  1. Paul K. Murphy

    Looks great Joe. What glue are you using for marquetry to panel?
    Vermillion crossband. Cool!
    I’m going to do that more often.

    • I used hide glue. I was a little worried about it for a larger panel, I think I had the glue a little too thick.

  2. Paul K. Murphy

    Liquid hide glue, or the type you cook in a pot?

    • Sorry, incomplete answer. Hot Hide Glue, from granules cooked over a low heat until moist and tender.

      I had it a tiny bit too thick, but I think it was OK. It spread fine, and stayed tack plenty long enough. I saw the 2-part glue that Paul Schurch uses, I might try that on larger panels, although it means I need to add a heating blanket to the tweezers and can of Crisco in the shop.

  3. I know that is how its done…but that still has to be scary every time you smear that concoction on.
    Looking forward to the big reveal.

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