Dutch Tool Chest Done

I wrapped up the dutch tool chest yesterday.  This came out OK.  There are several things I could have done a better job on, but visually it looks decent with a coat of Salem Red milk paint and some oil/wax topcoat.

Finished DTC

Finished DTC

I used strap hinges from Lee Valley, and I wouldn’t recommend them for this project.  The leaves are centered on the hinge barrels, which means you need a mortise in the lid and the case to use them.  The countersinks for the screws are on the wrong side of the leaf on the back of the case.  They work, but they aren’t ideal.

I’m actually not using this as a tool chest though.  We needed a place to put all of our electronics gizmos at night when they are charging, and this fits the bill.  Laptops, iPads, cell phones, video game controllers and all the rest fit nicely inside.

Dutch Charging Station

Dutch Charging Station

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5 thoughts on “Dutch Tool Chest Done

  1. That’s a good secondary use for this. This might make a back door catch all for the in-laws.

  2. Turned out nice Joe. I like the red. I also like the intended purpose. That’s a great way to sneak a tool chest into the house!


  3. Alaska Woodworker

    Nice job! I like the red milk paint. I used those hinges on a 6 board chest. I bent the leaves and mounted them inside the chest, rather than on the outside. It worked a treat.

  4. Jonathan

    Hi Joe, That looks great!

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