Weekend Update

I worked fairly steadily on the Blacker Table Saturday and Sunday, but there isn’t a lot of progress to show.  I started building the various jigs I’ll need to add in different details like the cloud lifts, leg indent and the spline for the breadboard ends.  Of course I don’t have the right router bit to use for these jobs, so I was stuck.

I also glued up the top for the table, this is going to be a fairly large table — smaller than a dining table but certainly bigger than a side table.  In fact, I scaled it so I could use it as an extension to a dining table if it’s set sideways.  I plan to make a matching dining room table in the future, but frankly I have so many projects I want to do I can’t imagine when that will come up in the rotation.  I do owe someone a bookcase…

Glue up for the top.  The finished size will be a tick over 22" wide by about 36" long with the breadboard ends installed.  This is slightly overlong still, and I'll hand plane it to level the glue line.

Glue up for the top. The finished size will be a tick over 22″ wide by about 36″ long with the breadboard ends installed. This is slightly overlong still, and I’ll hand plane it to level the glue line.

While I was working I kept hearing this noise from the corner of the shop.  It turned out to be a scrap of Claro Walnut calling my name.  I surfaced it, then re-sawed it and glued up two lamp shades for the “Falling Water” bedside lamp.  This is after the first coat of True Oil has been allowed to dry and sanded back with 320 grit.  The miter joint on one of them has a tiny gap where I over clamped, but when it’s all finished I don’t think it will be noticeable.  I’ll make the bases out of MDF and paint them black (the original bases were metal).  Which of course I didn’t have in the right thicknesses either, so another trip to the big box store is in my future.  Playing with this design lead me to look at other Frank Lloyd Wright lamp designs, several of which would be really interesting to build.  But that’s a story for another day.

Two lamp reflectors

Two lamp reflectors

Another view

Another view

FW Lamp

CAD drawing for the lamp. I need a tiny bit of 1/2″ and 1/4″ MDF and maybe a short length of dowel to complete these.


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4 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Are your lamps going to swivel? I have got a real itch to make a set of these too but I don’t have any 1/2″ stock.

    • No, I’m going to skip the swivel option for these. I’m on the fence about putting an aluminum reflector inside, or just painting them with reflective paint like the originals. I can see making more, if I was doing a bunch of these I might have bases cast at the local foundry, that would be pretty fun.

      I’ve been looking at several other FLW lamps, I’ll have to do a post on some of these. Some would be fun projects (some would be incredibly complex projects too). These bedside lamps are really simple though.

  2. Dang it Joe! Quit showing projects that I have to add to my list. I toured Falling Water several years ago and these lamps were #1 on my list of things to see. There were several in the the group and they herded us thru like sheeple. No photos allowed. So all I got was a 30 second glimpse from across the room. Even so, it was a great tour. There is something about these little lamps that speaks to me and several others as well it seems.


    • I wish I could see an original lamp up close. I was thinking about making a pattern for casting bases and having them done at the local foundry, but that would only be worthwhile if they were pretty accurate to the original design.

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