Fallingwater Lamps Finished

I finished off the lamps I was building last night.  I don’t a great pictures of them though, they are hard to get a clear picture of, especially when powered on.  But I like them, one positioned on each of the bed.  It’s not enough light to read a printed book by, but since I read exclusively on my iPad it’s perfect.

One of a pair of Fallingwater lamps I finished

One of a pair of Fallingwater lamps I finished

There are a few things I’ll do differently if I make more of these, including fabricating a brass base instead of a painted wood base.  I might try ebonized walnut for the bottom of the lamp shade support too.  And finally, I need to get a better camera and lighting setup, I’d love to get some first class pictures of my projects as I complete them.  My iPhone does OK for in-progress shots 90% of the time, but it falls short for competed pictures.

Another view

Another view

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7 thoughts on “Fallingwater Lamps Finished

  1. Those turned out really nice. That walnut is beautiful.

  2. Look very nice indeed!

  3. Turned out great Joe. Do you want the brass base next time for the look or the weight? These are tall and thin and I’ve always wondered about the stability. I assumed FLW specified a bronze base for weight to increase the stability.

    • For the look Greg, they actually are not tippy at all. Another in a line of light fixtures I’ve made that have great atmosphere but not much practical lighting 🙂

      • Good to know. FLW was a big fan of ambient lighting and I think that was the true intent of these lamps. Falling Water is deep in the woods far away from anything. It was built in the 1930’s and would have been pitch black at night. These lamps IMO would have provided just enough light for moving about the room, not much more. Turned with the bulb facing the reading material they could have been used as reading lamps.

      • I read recently the at the time the largest bulbs were just 15 watts. The butterfly lamp used four bulbs and was beautiful but probably not very bright either. The Greene &agreements houses are the same, lots of spectacular ambient light, but overall dark inside.

        I put 60 watt antique style clear tube bulbs in these.

  4. Hi Joe, the lamps look great, but I have to say I’m glad to hear you’re considering a better camera setup- none of the pics on this blog do your work justice IMHO.


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